Tania Kassis - Islamo-Christian AVE (New Official Clip 2011)

From the Single "Islamo-Christian AVE" by Tania Kassis .
It's an inspired arrangement of an Ave Maria accompanied by the Adhan "Allah Akbar". An idea of Tania Kassis at the occasion of the designation of March 25 (Annonciation Day) as National Islamo-Christian Holiday in Lebanon.

Co-Arrangement: Tania Kassis & Michel Fadel
Vocals: Tania Kassis, Mhammad Shaar & Maen Zakaria
Musicians: Michel Fadel (piano) & Olivier Leclerc (violin)
Maen & Mohammad Voices Recorded & Edited by Eddy Jazra
Tania Kassis Voice Recorded & Tracks Mixed by Tony Meggiorin at Studio Labie
Album Mastered at Eddy Jazra Audio Productions

Video from: Beirut Music & Art Festival 2011
Filming: HotZones Productions
Editing: Chantal Yammine

Pictures: Elie Bekhazi

© 2011 Tania Kassis Production"